Why Cottage Nirvana for Yoga courses

Mukteshwar Himalayas in Kumaon region is one such place ideal for Yoga and spiritual practices. Cottage Nirvana, ranked #1 by Tripadvisor and also recommended by Lonely Planet, is an ideal destination for Yoga retreats for individuals and group workshops. Cottage Nirvana is supported by prominent english magazine, Ayurved Sutra(ayurvedsutra.com) and OCS Foundation(One Consciousness Soceity). At Cottage Nirvana, we encourage people to pursue Yoga amidst pristine location of Mukteshwar Himalayas near nainital. We have a panel of Yoga and wellness experts for Yoga Courses in India, well conversed with global languages, who take you through various aspects of the science customized for the seekers specifically. Spread over more than an acre of Oak and Rhododendron forest, Cottage Nirvana is an extremely condusive destination in Mukteshwar Himalayas to undertake this journey at a place which is positively charged with auras and energies of sages and superior souls.

Cottage Nirvana for Yoga courses

Theme Vacation

Theme VacationBesides providing a spectacular panoramic view of the splendid wilderness, Cottage Nirvana is also an ideal place where you wouldn’t want to do anything but bask in the sunny afternoon and admire the magnificent natural splendor of this place read more