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Detox for mind.

I was working hard on a special project since last two months and needed a break and my body and specially my mind needed detox.

Visit to Cottage Nirvana was worth the effort.It took us about 5 hours of drive from Delhi till Haldwani and another 2 hours of hills and we finally reached Cottage Nirvana at Mukteshwar.

I was not really interested in any sight seeing(Mukteshwar doesn’t have much to offer also),but this private island of forest is what I needed most.There were many other gusts also but they have a big campus with lot of tress etc.I was there for 3 nights and four days but I couldn’t hear any noise of vehicles.

Neat and clean atmosphere,well mannered staff,Jeevan even accompanied me for a village trail.I am happy to know that such amazing places amd people still exist on our planet.

Well stocked library and informative chats with the owner made my trip.

Naveen Acharya

We had one week school break so this time we thought of going for different type of holidays which can be only at one place and relaxing. We selected Cottage Nirvana based on review plus they have facilities to occupy kids.

Pick-up from Kathgodam was on time and we reached Mukteshwar in about two hours. The check-in was quick and with fresh Rhododendron juice, we forgot our tiredness.

Our stay was very good. Since we came only for relaxing and experience nature, we enjoyed our stay. Badminton court and board games helped us to keep kids busy. Food and specially desert test was awesome. They also helped their best when son had severe toothache.

Harish Shukla
New Delhi

I visited Cottage Nirvana this year in April.

Spread over a vast expanse of land,nice neat and clean atmosphere.

The food was simple and the atmosphere was suitable for holistic and traditional Indian healing.Nice flora and fauna around and absolutely no sounds of traffic.

Extremely hospitable staff and some amazing conversation with the owner Mr.Aditya Amar.Look forward to visit again for a longer duration.

Pallavi Joshi

Me and my wife are regular travellers to mountains and have visited Mukteshwar several times in the past.

This time we discovered Cottage Nirvana,this beautiful place is located short of Mukteshwar Temple.Its spread over more than two acres of forest and transports you to nature.It was a wonderful experience for us city folks.There was no TV in the rooms(there is one in the common hall though),we could hear lots of birds in the vicinity and that was our morning alarm.

We were treated with some healthy and tasty food prepared by their chef,they also work with local farmers community and the ingredients were pure organic.

Well behaved team,compliments to team Cottage Nirvana.

Rajeev Shrivastava

We were a group of 3 couples with kids.

We had one of the most memorable trips to Mukteshwar and stay at Cottage Nirvana was a cherry on the cake.

Well behaved team,some lipsmacking cuisine and well informed owner(he took pain to give us a small lecture on star gazing in the night from their terrace).

And they have a well stocked library as well.

Wonderful stay!!!

Arvind Joshi

This was my first visit to Mukteshwar and Cottage Nirvana was recommended by a friend who had stayed here sometime back.

It was a wonderful experience indeed at Nirvana.

Neat and clean,spacious rooms with our balcony opening to a beautiful valley view.The food served was very tasty and not too oily,my little kid also enjoyed his meal after a long time,full credit to the cook.

The staff was courteous and ever smiling.

Look forward to revisit in august when the adjacent fruit orchards will be laden with fuits as mentioned by the staff.

Neha Desai

"Cottage Nirvana an offbeat destination for body and soul"

Needed a holiday away from urban excitement where we could enjoy nature, listen to gushing air , watch birds and hear their chirping, seek peace and meditate. Answer to all our needs was Cottage Nirvana which has charm of its own with visible mountain peaks, vistas of exquisite beauty of trees, encircling hill tops blending into the skies. The calm secluded resort "Cottage Nirvana" gave us all what we wanted to experience. We felt the tranquility of Godly place with Mantras echoing in the morning followed by Yoga session. Than went for forest walk and also enjoyed the trek for Lamhanga Waterfall.

Resort has painting canvas in each room where you can express all your thoughts or even depict the surrounding natural beauty by your brush. A huge collection of good books in the resort adds to the leisure activities in the serene and peaceful environment. I got chance to read world famous book like 'A monk who sold his Ferrari' and forced myself to think once again the way I am living the life.

The most exciting reason to be there at Cottage Nirvana was Meditation sessions. Meditation for me in simple words is an internal effort to self regulate the mind in some way. This 20 minutes sessions twice a day taken by Mr. Aditya Amar owner of the resort were something we all looked forward may it be my parents in their 80's or my children in their late teens. It involved silently repeating the mantra "Ram" and closing the eyes. It was simply clearing our minds, creating calming effect, overcoming negative minds, cultivating constructive thoughts and easing many health issues.

Besides food for soul Cottage Nirvana had sumptuous organic food to offer. The vegetables like potatoes, cabbage cauliflower, ginger etc are grown there only and one can feel the difference in the taste of these when cooked from one we get in our cities. Everyday a good non vegetarian dish in dinner was an additional delight. We also had the special green tea with basil, ajwain and many other herbs to compliment the whole experience of peace and serenity where only wind had guts to break the silence. On the way back visited famous Mukteshwar Temple, Choli ki Jaali and had good brunch at Nirvana Organic Kitchen a restaurant which serves everything from Pizzas to Parathas, special coffee and what not.. The place also sells special organic products like Apricot Honey, Apricot oil, walnut scrub , and many more. If you feel stressed and want to be away from your hectic life Cottage Nirvana is the offbeat destination where you can forget your stress and tiredness which makes you frustrated and unhappy. Learnt simple 20 minutes meditation which hopefully will help to find some inner peace and balance in our busy life and indirectly give more time and energy to perform. We have been travelling a lot in last many years but this was the only place where on last day I felt that something happens and we don't go back.

Seema Sharma
New Delhi
July 2014

"One of our best holiday experiences"

We visited Cottage nirvana,recently.We planned for short visit thinking as our last closest option for a weekend break,which fortunately turned into one of our best holiday experience so far. It will be less to say that It was a great holiday retreat indeed rather it was bunch of unforgettable experiences.Many thanks to The owner of this resort Mr Aditya Amar who was a great inspiration for us.He is doing a wonderful job there as he is not operating this resort only but also have a wonderful organic restaurant there offering delicious pasta and many other delicacies in a beautiful ambiance which one can dream off.He treated us with great warmth and motivated us in many ways.Our visit was a great stress buster and we found ourselves rejuvenated again.His resort also offers an opportunity for perusing our lost hobbies like reading,singing,painting etc.I am thankful to Aditya for helping me to revive my painting skills there as since 8 to 10 years ,despite of my many trials i failed to revive that in delhi. I have started painting again since i came back from there with great new zeal and feel very very satisfied also.We made some wonderful friends there also from whom we learnt a lot.Cottage nirvana offers you an experience of life as you will feel yourself absolutely in the lap of nature without any need of fans,inside or outside the room.When we were restricting ourselves by being mostly in AC rooms in burning delhi ,that time,during our stay there we even didn't feel need of a fan.It was a great surprise for us see that being so close to delhi still that place was so cool,calm and quite.Driving from delhi was also very very comfortable.Last but not least we will soon plan our next trip again to the beautiful resort.

Moni Sinha
New Delhi
July 2014

"A peaceful and Tranquil Getaway"

A highly recommended getaway from the city's fast paced rat race. A beautiful experience living in the midst of a forest. The place is extremely serene. One can indulge in activities such as book reading, trekking, bird-watching, star-gazing etc. My son thoroughly enjoyed painting using an easel, which is placed outside all rooms.

The place lets you indulge in things which you have been waiting to do for a long time and lets you forget about the world outside. Wish, could have stayed for some more time.

New Delhi
27 May 2014

"There is no better place to relax in this world..."

The place is very far out and there is nothing else to disturb you in your peace other than the birds. The place is very clean and fulfills western standards (with excellence). The staff is very friendly and helpful. I ate the most delicious food while I was there and the chef is open for any special wishes.

Aditya gives all he can to make the stay a very special experience and he is doing an awesome job. He makes sure that you have some great adventures while you are there. I have never been as relaxed after a vacation, as after my stay at Cottage Nirvana!!

Viola Witt
13 September 2012

"Perfect Kumaon getaway"

Spending a few days at Cottage Nirvana was a wonderful experience. The property is surrounded by picturesque mountain villages that have likely not changed much in a few hundred years. The rooms are tastefully done and the service is excellent. Not to be outdone, the in-house chef makes truly finger-lickin food. In the mornings, we were greeted with tea, which was followed by hikes in the hills or a quick yoga session on the lovely terrace that overlooks the entire valley. A quick drive to the mukteshwar temple offers great views of the himalayas. Overall, if you truly want to get away from city life for a few days, this is the place to be. I will definitely be going back!

San Francisco,California
24 January 2013

"Incredibly Rejuvinating"

I just spent a lovely four days at Cottage Nirvana. I have nothing but excellent things to say. The spot is nestled into the mountainside lined with farming terraces looking over a valley. At both sunrise and sunset the mountains are illuminated with golden light that automatically calms the soul. The rooms are tastefully done and very comfortable. I did yoga on the deck, painted (with the provided supplies) and stargazed in the night. The food is some of the best I have had in India- very healthy and perfectly spiced and I enjoyed the morning chai immensely. It is the perfect place to clear your head and rejuvenate yourself from wherever you may be coming from. Just one hike breathing in the fresh air will live you a renewed energy. I would strongly recommend this place to everyone and all!

Zannah Sage
20 January 2013

"Home away from home"

Read a lot about Cottage Nirvana on trip advisor but were circumspect specially when had planned to celebrate wife's b'day.All the question marks disappeared in thin air once we reached the place.It was something that we were looking forward to unwind for the weekend in a quite place away from the crowd. Something special that haven't seen any other place offer is lip smacking food as per customized requirement.To top it the owner Mr Aditya made special effort to arrange a birthday cake to celebrate wife's b'day. In all a perfect place to unwind and come back re energined.

Piyush Shrivastava
21 May 2013

"Feel' the Bliss and 'Attain' the Nirvana ... :)"

A few days spent in the lap of Nature were awesomely refreshing. If you are a lover of Nature and its beauty, then Cottage Nirvana is a Perfect Getaway (No Exaggerations)! The lush-green jungles where the cool breeze plays on the notes of the leaves of trees, valley being its flute, and mountain peaks being its drums, leaves you spell bond. The dance of the raindrops on the untouched land, the fragrance oozing out of the countryside, chit-chat and melodious songs of the birds take you to the high skies of imagination without even you knowing about the same. And the time you manage to gain your conscious back, you find yourself absolutely lost amidst all of it and at that time you start enjoying being who you really are!

The chequer terrace of the Cottage is a place where you can ingest the meaning of 'Nirvana' in its true sense. The view of the deep valley on one side and the mountain with gentle slope on the other is phenomenal to your imagination. The rooms are comfy, simple and appealing. Every corner of the Cottage is well planned and well designed that not even the simple and smallest thing can go unnoticed. The idea of playing with canvas and colours that you can found in every room needs special acknowledgement. And to me, the Luxury of Cottage Nirvana lies in its Simplicity.

The collection of large number of books on the shelves of the Library and Dinning compound caters to the needs of people with distinctive tastes for reading. The food being cooked and served is yum-yumm-yummy. The freshness of the food comes out from the taste itself. 'Team Cottage Nirvana' is friendly, helpful and down to earth. God Bless Them All!!! Aditya Ji, the 'Soul' of the Cottage Nirvana, is a learned personality. The calmness and peace on his face has a sort of magnetic appeal. He takes personal care of your stay in order to make it more experiencing, more interesting and more mesmerizing. Looking at and residing in Cottage Nirvana narrates you his dream that he has turned into reality. The idea that stole my intellect was that you won't find any kind of time-machines ( i.e., wall hung clocks) anywhere in Cottage Nirvana. Give it a deep thought; perhaps you will get an idea! I can't stop myself naming it as 'ASHRAM Nirvana' where you could come and attain Nirvana while you are Alive! Hats-off to his endless Efforts!! And his motto engraved on the very logo 'Chase Your Dream' could not go unnoticed!!!

Well, I left the place with a promise to myself and with a peace of mind, calmness of thought, and with a well-composed ME. Though my mind was asking to stay there for 'one more day' but couldn't make it. However, I will definitely go back there again - very soon - to keep the promise I have had with my Self and continue going there till I am alive and I have Money ;)

Maninder Kaur
10 May 2013

"Enjoyable stay at Cottage Nirvana - A good weekend destination"

We (myself, my wife and 6 year old) stayed in Cottage Nirvana for 2 nights on 31st May 2013. Our stay was enjoyable thanks to Aditya Amar (who owns the property). Its a very good property at a very good location. Especially compared to the price that you pay, its complete value for money. I noticed that some of the properties at nearby places like Ramnagar were very very expensive.. However, this property is not for people who expect five star comfort, exotic food or things like swimming pool etc.

When you travel from Kathgodham its about 6 KM before Mukhteshwar where you have to turn right and follow signs to the property. Its located in a valley surrounded by hills on all sides. The weather (even though it was May end) was fantastic. You can spot a number of birds right from the balcony.

About the property there are 4 rooms near the dining room (2 on the ground and 2 on the first floor). There are also some rooms a few meters from the main block. The rooms near the dining room are fantastic with great views. The rooms which are not in the main block may need refurbishment which I am sure Aditya will be doing. The best room is the one on the first floor and just near the viewing gallery (and we were lucky to get this room). From the patio you can see the hill in front and from the windows you can see the far off hills and the viewing gallery itself. The viewing gallery is something special. You can spend hours sitting and reading or just enjoying the nature and the birds.

Aditya himself is very enthusiastic. He is a avid lover of birds and has good knowledge of them. We went for a walk with him thru the hills and the villages nearby and the walk was fantastic. We could pluck a few plums on the way and had fun.

There is also a fruit garden nearby owned by one of his neighbours, but you can walk in and see the trees full of fruits.. The neighbour was also kind enough to allow my daughter to pluck a few plums. Aditya is reachable on 9758227662

Amit Kulkarni
19 June 2013

"True Home For A Retreat"

I recently went to Mukteshwar and stayed at Cottage Nirvana for a week. It has been the best stay I ever had at any place. The silence and beauty of this place is amazing. The location is perfect for those who like solitude and wilderness. The food was very nice, home cooked meals made with love which I loved. And amenities were also good. Very naturally done rooms made me feel at home. The flowers and orchards around were amazing and Aditya guided us and gave us great company. I loved the star gazing at night, misty mornings, warm noons and quiet nights...the place and people filled me with serenity and peace. I would love to go there again and again. Cottage Nirvana is a perfect blend of good service & natural living, something not every hotel or resort can offer. It is more than a place to stay, its a home for the heart. Cottage Nirvana made my retreat complete and memorable.

Rashminder Kaur
25 October 2013

"Cottage Nirvana- a journey from physics to metaphysics"

I am feeling privileged to take the opportunity to complement Cottage Nirvana, a perfect blend of a resort and yogashram amidst the pristine nature of Mukteshwar.

The word 'peaceful' is an understatement defining my experience in the Cottage; here comfortable living arrangements marries savage natural existence. The cascading sound of the waterfalls mix with the murmur of the deodars, creating a magical charm. The wholesome serenity appeals to our senses and soothes all our nerves. When we are back to the cottage exploring the arcadian beauty of the hills and heritage of the shrines, we are welcomed with the piping hot delicious organic food in the Cottage. I could also take the leisure of refurbishing the metaphysics of my philosophy on life reading the assorted books in the quiet library.

The Cottage gives you ample space to nurture your other hobbies. You can watch exotic migratory birds over the tall trees, capture wide angle photographs of the hillscape and close ups of the atypical wild flowers, paint your idyllic thoughts on a canvas, practice meditative yoga at the crack of dawn or observe constellation formations in the clear sky at night. Cottage Nirvana gives you the rarest opportunity to heal your soul with the help of age-old spiritual wisdom of the country. The real man behind the concept, Mr. Aditya Amar is a resourceful philosopher who imparts awakening knowledge on well-being and social responsibility, which is definitely an add on.

While coming back, the only question you bear in mind is the pertinence of your worldly city-dwelling.

Upasana Chaterjee
16 July 2013

Theme Vacation

Vacations in MukteshwarBesides providing a spectacular panoramic view of the splendid wilderness, Cottage Nirvana is also an ideal place where you wouldn’t want to do anything but bask in the sunny afternoon and admire the magnificent natural splendor of this place read more