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Get candid with nature! Let the splendid colors, the amazing hues and the misty horizon of the Great Himalayas resonate through your lens. Capture the magnificent wilderness of the area in a way you would have never done before.

Resorts in Mukteshwar

Cottage Nirvana brings to you a first of its kind photography retreat where you not only get candid with nature but also learn to do it the finest way. Here, our expert guide will take you through a tour of fun learning about the wonderful world of photography. With fascinating technics of learning how to capture the essence of a person or a rare moment, to in-the moment tips to maximize your photo opportunities, our expert will help you make the most of your camera.

This is a place where you will feel inspired to look at things differently, fundamentally changing the way you see. With a strong emphasis on practical and hands-on shooting sessions, our training will give you the chance to understand and interpret the teachings in your own way, keeping you in complete control of your camera.

So get ready to capture the splendors of nature the way you have never done before.

Theme Vacation

theme vacationBesides providing a spectacular panoramic view of the splendid wilderness, Cottage Nirvana is also an ideal place where you would’t want to do anything but bask in the sunny afternoon and admire the magnificent natural splendor of this place read more