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Mukteshwar's night sky

Mukteshwar's night sky is a delight for all stargazers and Nest will bring the sky to your room. The roof of the tree house is partially glassed inspired by the pagoda structures giving you a direct access to the stars as you lie down on your bed and admire the constellations and the movements of the stars.

You are invited to experience the Nature's Night show and the Symphony of Rustling Leaves, Singing thrushes and a special performance by the elegant Magpies.

When Lord Brahma created the Hindu universe,he,sensibly,reserved a sizeable wedge of its most beautiful part for his fellow gods.Since then,the region we now call Uttarakhand has been revered as “Dev Bhoomi”, the Abode of Gods.This heaven on earth where towering mountains look down upon miles of glaciers,frosted snowfeilds,vigorous rivers,alpine meadows,river sculpted valleys,dense forests and flower –sprinkled hillsides.

The present age’s focus on science and rationalism lessens the significance of emotions and mysticism because it is feared that they can render men incapable of clear judgement.But “Jigyasa” has always over come humans and man continues to be a mysterious creation equipped with both heart and mind and refuses to be a computer.

Here I am reminded of the saying from the epic Mahabharata,”Nothing is greater than man.”

Rishis and sages of Himalayas were renunciates and ascetics who devoted their lives to rigorous training-like Olympic atheletes of the spirit.They were willing and able to dedicate and invest the tens of thousands of hours usually required to master the forms of mental training detailed on Yog Sutras.

Auras/energy of Himalayas has always been recharged with the mystical presence and saadhna of souls like:Mahaavtar Baba,Neem Karori Baba:,Somwari Baba,Nantin Baba,Mukteshwar Maharaj and many more.

Holidays in Mukteshwar can really uplift your mood take you to the next level.

Depending upon your personal journey in life,you can decide upon which region of Uttarakhand is to be explored as Garhwal region pulls you for religious salvation and Kumaon region calls you for spiritual quest.

Theme Vacation

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