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International Yoga day and Cottage Nirvana

Yoga and India:

Yoga tourism is an act in which people from all around the world travel to other countries to obtain salvation & medical care. There are lots of challenges which Indian tourism industry has to face before developing Yoga Tourism in India. Yoga tours take you to India, the land where Yoga originated. Our Yoga & meditation tours consist of a comprehensive Yoga & meditation training in India. Come and experience Yoga Tours in India for wellness and relaxation.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are 196 Indian Sutras(aphorisms) that constitute the foundational text of Ashtanga Yoga, also called as Raja Yoga. According to some sources, the Yoga Sutras were compiled around 400 CE by Patanjali. In fact,tradition of Yoga is ancient, vedic and there are references of Yoga in many scriptures including Mahabharata (Krishna, Karmyoga and Geeta). Through generations,India has shared its wisdom of Yoga all over the globe for betterment of mankind.

Now United Nations has announced 21st June as International Yoga Day all over the world.

International Yoga day and Cottage Nirvana

Theme Vacation

theme vacationBesides providing a spectacular panoramic view of the splendid wilderness, Cottage Nirvana is also an ideal place where you wouldn’t want to do anything but bask in the sunny afternoon and admire the magnificent natural splendor of this place read more