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General about Yoga (all eight limbs)

Ashtang Yoga:Master your life

The great sage and master, Patanjali was the founder and father of modern Yoga. He was considered to be a fully self-realized avatar, who had mastered the mind, the body, its senses, and even this physical world. He was also a profound knower of knowledge which made him an amazing philosopher and teacher of how to master your life. Patanjali codified, or compiled in a systematic way, the art and science of Yoga in the "Yoga Sutras". The Yoga Sutras succinctly outlines the art and science of Yoga for self-realization. Yoga is a science that deals with Body, Breath, Mind, Soul and ultimately, the Universe itself.

Ashtang Yoga consists of eight limbs as prescribed by Patanjali.First 5 are under Bahirang Sadhana and 3 are under Antarang Sadhana(External and Internal aids to Yoga).

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1.Yama:Five abstentions: dealing with others,


2.Niyama:Five observances:dealing with oneself.

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3.Asana:Discipline of the body:position and postures.

4.Pranayama:Control of life force energies,breath.

5.Pratyahara:Withdrawal of senses from their external objects.

6.Dharanas:Concentration of the Chitta.


8.Samadhi:Oneness with the object of meditation.

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