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Cottage Nirvana provides the facility to choose Family Cottages in Mukteshwar.Get full Cottage details of Mukteshwar Cottages. Vacations in Mukteshwar became the prerogative of rich and affluent British officers and scientists after serious research work started here. Accommodation in Mukteshwar can be easily found while taking a stroll but ideally you should book beforehand as this tiny place now find many takers and even during off season the idea of honeymoon in Mukteshwar presents a great idea for the love birds. You can find your type of Hotel in Mukteshwar online as well as accommodation in Mukteshwar has become really sought after now.

Mukteshwar near Nainital, abounds in natural beauty with rich Flora and fauna, dense forests, stunning waterfalls and snowcapped mountains and enchanting Kumaon culture. If you walk through IVRI campus, you will witness old British era family cottages in Mukteshwar. In the month of February, the Mukteshwar Temple comes alive when thousands of people come together for the Shivratri Mela. Even ramlila in Mukteshwar is a very elaborate affair with kids and women celebrate the festival in full Glory.

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Family Cottages In MukteshwarBesides providing a spectacular panoramic view of the splendid wilderness, Cottage Nirvana is also an ideal place where you wouldn’t want to do anything but bask in the sunny afternoon and admire the magnificent natural splendor of this place read more