Why Meditate?

To put it simply, Meditation is a method of giving deep rest to the mind and body.
So far, in your life, the best form of rest that you have experienced is the 7-8 hours of sleep every day. And this results in the fact that you get up fresh in the morning and you “feel good” and charged and you are able to take on challenges thrown at you in your day to day life. Imagine for a moment that you can’t sleep for a day or two, this will result into general irritation and anxiety. Now imagine, you have not been able to sleep for a week, this will be extremely hazardous for your health and will surely result into mental disorder. You will not even feel like relishing you favourite food or your favourite music.
That’s the magic of rest in our life.
If we try to understand how sleep or rest actually helps us, we will realize that even when we are taking regular rest in the form of our daily sleep, there are certain faculties and organs in our body that are still functioning continuously. Our respiratory system is on 24×7, our heart and blood circulation is on always, our digestive system is active non-stop etc. These systems consume lot of energy and they are never rested ever.
While meditating, we simply give deeper rest to our mind and body as a whole. This is important if we want to be super achievers and performers in our life that is unfortunately full of stresses, pollution and anxieties all around us. The purpose of meditation is to remove stresses from the nervous system, and these stresses are at various levels. There are routine, small stresses but then there are deep rooted and serious stresses as well. With our regular sleep/rest, we are able to remove our routine stresses but we need regular meditation to remove the deep rooted stresses. Stress management is directly linked to meditation practice.
Stress management with meditation or anxiety management with meditation is like running an anti-virus scan in our computer software on daily basis for cleansing and better output. Our health and meditation has a very direct relation, we will be able to enjoy simple joys of life and our relationships only when we are in charge of our mental and physical health. Our health and happiness quotient is directly linked to our daily practice of meditation.
At Cottage Nirvana, we regularly organise meditation retreats for groups and individuals. Even if we want to attain Nirvana or liberation from life per say, we need to finish our responsibilities towards our families and society, and this can be done only with the help of Meditation.

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