The Yoga of Action

In one’s life, needs desire and action are alive till we die. This process is ongoing and synonyms of life. Gita has discussed, karma or action extensively. “Karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachan” (do your duty unmindful of its result) deliberates on action beautifully.
The yoga of action in itself is altogether pure. It is our ego that adds twist or attachment to results. All our actions will result into reactions, we may like it or not but it’s inevitable. Karma is a simple extension of Newton’s law. Every action has its fruit hidden inside and this fruit is the manifest form of action. While sowing seed, we generally look forward to the tree as well its resulting fruits. That’s why that seed is sown.
Yoga is simply the union of us with cosmos. Yoga of action will help us in performing our duties, karma and surrendering it to the basic law of nature. The regular practice of good actions brings in the attitudes of an individual and builds its personality. If we look around us, we will see birds, animals, earth, moon and sun are ever engaged in dynamic order of activities, we should do the same.
No one has control over where and when he or she takes birth, what kind of parents or body he is given, obviously we are not controlling everything. Two children may be born in same family, they are given same education and opportunity but one becomes successful and the other may be a failure.
Action or karma is a fundamental mechanism of our lives. It applies to everyone, regardless of belief. It’s like you may be a very good batsman but if you don’t practice hard and regular, then there are very strong chances that you may fail to deliver during a cricket match. This practice and application is your duty or action. On the contrary, there are very strong chances that you may perform well even if you are an average player but you practice regularly and are ready to take on chances thrown at you.
At Cottage Nirvana, we make you spend time with farmers and kids of the region and you get your chance of enjoying your karma and give back to society. As they say, you shall reap what you sow.

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