Life gives us exactly what we seek

Imagine for a moment that you are out for a walk in the garden, its isolated and suddenly you see the God, yes the God himself, standing in front of you. He allows you a chance to recover from the initial shock and then softly tells you, I love you my child, please ask one wish and I shall fulfill that for you.
And what do you ask? Hmmm….Yes, most of us would be dumbstruck, the God will smile at us again and wait for our answer but what will you ask?
Now I had to choose between security and freedom. I decided to give a chance to god to prove his existence and yes he gave me freedom and courage to move to Mukteshwar (God of freedom, literally).
Mountains or the sea?
Without any doubts it was always mountains for me. When I relook at the past professional life, hectic schedules and extreme pressures, every time a quick trip in the lap of mountains would do some kind of magic to my system and I was able to recharge my batteries to go through the grind once again.
C’mon all of us have thought of moving out of cities to Himalayas or to sea during our endless discussions with friends. Isn’t it?
All of us deserve a better life or simply a life at least. Whenever I used to travel, going back to city was like, why am I doing it? Why can’t I continue to live with simple humans here in mountains?
So finally, I decided to give up my hectic professional life and relocated to Mukteshwar Himalayas in Uttarakhand.
I realized we are not prepared for good things in life, so I decided to “prepare” myself. I travelled alone for weeks and observed silence, which forced me to talk to myself, to my inner self. I started meditating, in fact I had learned meditation when I was a kid but now I started pursuing it seriously with a purpose.
At Mukteshwar, I decided to develop a small retreat where people can come to pursue spiritual practices, wellness and most importantly, pursue their hobbies. I started spending time with village children, on the pretext of teaching them, I actually started playing with them and that really helped me in reliving my childhood again. Spending time with these kids was therapeutic for me in a way as kids (especially in remote mountains) are so pure and energetic.
There are so many interesting things about living the mountain life that I fell in absolute love with.

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