Ratan Tata, MS Dhoni, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Swami Vivekananda and many more are leaders of the modern world and we have experienced their attitude, behavior, and qualities in our lifetimes. Many of these people have gone away but they have surely left strong marks on the minds and hearts of people.
So what makes a great leader?
Any person like you and me wants to become a leader in life. This may imply leadership role in business, society or country. It also means that he wants his business or country to grow leaps and bounds, he wants it to be respected. For this person aspiring to be the leader, this also means that he has to be effective in his physique, speech or actions. He has to be supremely confident, he has to keep a minute eye on happenings around him. He has to be very competent in planning and take decisions. It goes without saying that he must have the ability to inspire people under his control so that they may achieve the targets set you this leader. It also means identifying the goals and finding right people for right spots. All this needs a holistic vision and it takes time to put people and ideas in place, it sounds simplistic but you must have patience, perseverance and resolve to achieve all this.
When India won the first 20-20 world cup under MS Dhoni, I remember practically all the members of his team were very ordinary boys from small towns of India, none of them were established stars but Dhoni had shown confidence in them and groomed each one of them for specific tasks and the entire unit moved with a strong purpose. Complete faith in co-workers is the root of leadership. One must respect and appreciate the work of one’s subordinate. It can be quite complicated for a leadership as he/she has to keep both mission(short-term goals) and vision(long-term) in mind, he also has to take a back seat while taking important decisions so that people around him gain confidence and are groomed.
In present circumstances, unfortunately, that’s not happening. We get to see a lot of people changing jobs because of improper handling from their superiors, there is absolutely no faith in most of the workplaces or governments or even households. Every superior wants to grab the entire credit for excellent results and lay blame at the door of his/her subordinates if things go wrong.
Leadership is tested specially during the period of conflict. The leadership has to grapple with adverse people and circumstances with the cooperation of all. Besides clarity and courage, the leader has also to shoulder the responsibility of setting bench marks of moral and practical principles. Integrity and strong character are a source of immense strength for the leadership.
We can take inspiration from leaders like MS Dhoni or Ratan Tata or even Lord Krishna. Krishna always adhered to principles, he was a born leader and always led people around him throughout his life. He never aspired to be the ruler, he is an ideal example of equanimity. His style of functioning was so balanced that he never deviated from his goal and never forced his views on anybody. He never got carried away with the importance and esteem that people used to give him, he was simply focused.
The leader should be energetic, he has to be the engine of this machine. Energy doesn’t mean physical body only, but it also belongs to mind and prana (vital energy). The spark of leadership also lies in a person’s mind, his faculties, and his behavior. Healthy mind, healthy intellect and healthy body will surely help you to be that ideal leader in your domain.

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