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Aditya Amar: Introduction

Aditya Amar It has been a while since I embarked on this journey of following my dream and finding my purpose.
It seemed a big step seven years back, leaving a stable career of over two decades in media world and a life of comfort, it was ego gratifying to be the youngest Vice President of one of the biggest Media Company in the country. The love for Himalayas fortunately could conquer that brief dilemma.
Later it seemed that this was a spiritual calling, thus despite apprehensions I was happy about my decision of saying adieu to my old life and embrace the silence of the jungles.
I used the term 'spiritual calling' not casually, I have been a regular meditation practitioner, formally initiated into TM practice and it may also be of interest to you that my 'Exploration – as I call this journey, was catalyzed by a PLR (past life regression) session which helped me in understanding the true 'purpose of my life' and its meaning.
Now I practice and teach meditation and try to contribute and coach individuals and groups to find joy in professional life specifically and life generally.
Yes, it's a dream come true and I cherish every day as I read at peace under the sun's glory and wake up in the morning amidst the chirping birds. Yet the story would be incomplete without me mentioning that it was a long road, I knew nothing what laid ahead and was not half prepared for the hardship that was to follow. All that I carried was my faith in his design and at every step I was compelled to accept that when you deeply desire for something the cosmos does conspire to make it happen for you, I decided to accept faith and overcame my fears.

I had no experience of construction and that too in hills but everything in place and I could complete the project well within time when every architect and expert was telling me that it will take about 2 years but I did that with ease (well not really with ease) within nine months. I am writing this blog in retrospect now, reliving the moments some big some small but all leaving a mark on me, more so making me grow with each passing day, with each hurdle crossed fell.
It was easy to forget and not miss the life I once lead as perhaps I never belonged there, and all I began with was some support in form of friends who were encouraging but most importantly I had my conviction.
A lot of my friends make fun of me by calling me sanyasi etc. but the fact is that there is this stage called "Vanaprastha" before sanyas. During vanaprastha, you are very much responsible for your immediate family but you should also expand your horizons and increase the size of your family.
Today I have simply increased the size of my family and I spend time with about 40 kids and about 200 women farmers in our region.
In the modern world, we are surrounded by so much anxiety, stresses, and ill health that we are unable to perform our day to day responsibilities at work, home, and relationships. We need to give due respect to ourselves and we better realize that we need to enhance our capabilities, health and keep us stress-free so that we can do justice to our assignments and enjoy life to the fullest.

Theme Vacation

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